June 7, Bottom Lounge, Chicago IL


We had scall and the view was very bad. Then we waited until the rain had slacked, we stopped at a rest area. 


It got clear sky when we arrived in Chicago. 


会場は、去年もお世話になった、ここBottom Lounge。音響も楽屋もレストランも充実してて、素晴らしい会場です。

We carrived at Bottom Lounge where we played last year. It’s a great venue with good sound system, nice dressing room and delicious food. 

会場内部。inside of the venue. 



After soundcheck, I had cheese sandwich at the venue. Yummy and thick. 


We autographed on drum heads and drew pictures.     


With our soundman/tour manager Taylor. His birthday is the same with me! It’s December 18th.  


Along CJ’s music, this guy is dancing and drawing pictures.  そして、CJの出番。カッコイイ。

Then CJ’s show time. Cool!   

アツコ作、新しい衣装でがんばっ とります。ライブはまたまた大盛況でした。 ありがとう!

We are wearing Atsuko made new costumes. Our show went well with so many great audience. Thanks a lot!


Cool Poster.