June 15, Travel Day


We checked out the hotel at 11:00 and went to a Korian supermarket on the way. I found this sweets. 


I bought some breadsticks a bakery. Our car toward to North Carolina. I found retro toy machines at a gas station. 


Buy old coins for 75 cents. 

デカ桃。Big peach. 

  夜7時半ごろChapel Hill到着。夜って言っても 外は明るい。早速近所のモールへ。

We arrived at a hotel in Chapel Hill around 7:30. It was still bright outside. We went to a mall in the neighbors. 

  晩御飯は、モールのフードコートでPhilly Cheese Stakeを食べました。タピオカいちごシェイクも。

I ate Philly Cheese Stake for dinner at a food court in the mall. I had tapioca strawberry shake, too. 


I was just riding in a van but got tired. Sleepy and rack of exercise. I should sleep well tonight and will do my best for tomorrow show.