Oct. 4 Casbah, San Diego


I got up at 8:30 but couldn’t go out from bed. I slept again and got out of the bed st 10:00. I could sleep more. 

I had a breakfast and our crew came to pick us up at noon. Then head to San Diego. Getting through traffic jam as usual, we arrived at San Diego. 


We checked in a hotel and went to the venue. Shonen Knife played at Casbah from 1990’s. San Diego airport and the ocean are close to it. I tried to take a picture of an airplane but it was difficult. 

Inside of the venue. 



Back yard. 


I had Italian dinner at a restaurant which I always come when I play here. 


I picked Chicken Picata this time. Chicken Brest was soft and good match with lemon butter. I took home the leftover. 


This area became a fashionable one year by year. 

ステージの絨毯が新調されていた!きれい。Stage carpet was renewed. Beautiful!


I’d like to upload some live performance photos but I couldn’t. Please check through cyberspace. 😀


The show was packed. I got power from many audience ‘s Emily faces and had very good time. Thanks everybody in San Diego!!!