Oct. 8th Dante’s, Portland



I went to bed around 3:00am at night and woke up at 8:00am next morning . Then went to San Jose airport with Atsuko, Risa and Miyoko . The 2 boys, our brilliant tour crews Taylor and Kenny drove to Portland by themselves. It takes 11hours by car from San Jose and Portland. Thanks a lot for long drive. 


There was a cute cosmetics vendor at the airport.


At the security gate, I put my bag on a belt conveyor. When it came through, the bottom was wet. I smelled beer. So sad. 

Right after I boarded and had a seat, a person sitting across the isle of my seat spilled a cup of juice. Oh, no! I didn’t get wet but it was dangerous. 


A flight attendant wiped the floor and the air craft took off. I got a little hungry and ate Inari Sushi which I bought in San Jose.  I swallowed it and it got stuck in my throat!!! I got sore deep throat. Keeping my breth, I endured the pain. I found an attendant who was serving beverages at the end of the isle. Gimme gimme a cup of water!!! 


I felt a few minutes were many hours. Finally she came to me and asked “what do you like to drink?” I said “water” like a groan. 


After 1 hour and 30 minutes, we arrived at Portland safely. 


After an hour and a half flight, we arrived at Portland and took a hotel shuttle. We checked in the hotel and went to an American diner for lunch. I ordered vanilla cafe latte. I


 was thinking it has no sugar but actually it was very sweet and with tons of cream. 



This is the venue. We play here several times. 


I watchedkennh and Taylor doing line check through the monitor at the dressing room. 


Get ready for the show. 


It was Saturday night. There were so many audience there. Thank you so much Portland. It was fantastic!!!