Oct. 27th Strange Matter, Richmond


We drove to Richmond and dropped at Tokyo Market which was a Japanese grocery shop. I bought steamed rice and tinned sardines for emergency food. 

町の様子。the scenery of the town

町の様子。the scenery of the town 

町の様子。the scenery of the town 


When we went out from Tokyo Market, it started raining. We, four girls found a 


一旦ホテルにチェックインした後、会場へ。こちら、会場のStrange Matter 

バー Bar

ステージ Stage


We had dinner from the venue at a dressing room. They have many vegetarian menu and the quality is high. I wasn’t hungry so I asked egg sandwich to go. 


After show, I had egg sandwich. It was so yummy. 


The opening band was playing. There were already so many audience. 



Our show. Thanks for coming!!!

Pic. by Miyoko 


We took a picture with opening bands after show. There was a lady who is a mother of one member of opening band. We talked with her. We got good comment about our show from her. Thanks. Her daughter is 18 years old. The mom said that she used to be a punk girl. Great.