Nov. 2nd Quinn’s, Beacon


We drove less than 2 hours and arrived to Beacon, NY. I had broccoli and cheddar soup at Panera Bread. 


Filled gas like this place,

ホテルに着いてAlbanyで買った綿菓子食べました。おいしい。ゲゲッ、舌が青くなってしもた。Cotton Candy Cloud!?

We arrived at a hotel. I ate cotton candy which I bought in Albany in a hotel room. Yummy! But my tongue got blue. Oh, no! Cotton Candy Cloud!?


Then we went to the venue, Quenn’s. 


This place was originally an American diner and the present owner uses it as it was. 


サインボード Signboard 


Quinn’s is a restaurant music club. The menu has Ramen, Japanese curry, Udon. We expected delicious food very much. 


Ramen made by an American Chef who is a big ham of Shonen Knife were served. The recipe of the Ramen was made by three Chefs at the venue with a lot of effort. I’ve heard that everything including soup of the Ramen was hand made. 


My order was soy Ramen and Onigirazu. Onigirazu looked like sushi but rice wasn’t seasoned. Everything was so tasty. I ate them quickly. Thanks a lot!


We waited at a Rock’n’roll high school until the show. 



On stage! Pic. by Miyoko 

Beacon is a small town but I saw so many people as if  everybody in town came to seek us. Thank you so much. Everybody there were dancing. 


I heard shout from a bar next to the venue and found that the last match of major league. I heard that Chicago Cubs became a champion this year. Congratulations.