Nov. 3rd Cattivo, Pittsburgh


Stopped raining and the sun is shining underneath the clouds. Driving to west. 

昼食休憩で、りさちゃん、ケニー、テイラーは、ハンバーガーのあるArby’sへ。みよこさん、あつこ、わたしは、道路向かいのTaco Bellへ。ここ、歩道は無いけど、歩行者用信号はある。しかし突如、道路に穴があったり危険極まりないです。夜間は絶対歩けません。

We had lunch break. Risa, Kenny and Taylor went to Arby’s. Miyoko, Atsuko and I went to Taco Bell across the street. There was a signal for pedestrians but no pedestrian road. That’s ok but there was a hole on the street. It’s so dangerous. You shouldn’t walk at night. 


This place was KFC and Taco Bell got together. I think it’s rare. Menus were on the board next to each other. The letters of the menus were so small because of two in one, I couldn’t read them. 

わたしはbeef Tacoを2つ注文。安くてお得です。

I ordered two beef tacos. Cheap and reasonable. 


7 hours after, we arrived at the venue Cattivo which is bigger place than the last time. I was writing my blog, taking a nap or playing a game in the van. 

ポスター poster 

中 inside 


The catering were

Vermicelli which is a Vietnamese. Tofu or chicken and vegetables on rice noodles and pour sweet chili sauce on it. It was good!



Opening band was three girls. 

Second band. 2番目のバンド。


Many people came to see us and they were smiling during the show and big cheers! We could play well on a big stage. It was hard for load in and out because the venue was at the basement, though.  On the way back to the hotel, I saw night scenery of downtown. It was beautiful. Pic. by Miyoko