Nov. 6th Bug Jar, Rochester


I had hotel breakfast after some days. Most of all hotels we stay including breakfast but mostly I preferred sleeping. 


There were scrambled eggs. Eggs, may be. 


We went to an outlet mall to have lunch because we didn’t need to drive so long. There were many shoppers around a big parking. 

お昼ご飯は、For lunch,


I had Chicken parmigiana, mac and cheese and salad plate. Are these too heavy for me? We went to see the shops after lunch. I bought a zip up parka with a good price. People from Osaka like me like to tell other people how they could buy items with reasonable price. 


Then we checked in the hotel and went to the venue. I played here some times before. I recently came here in 2012. It was a punkish venue. 


I fixed our soft symbal case on this billiard board. The equipments are often broken. We should fix quickly. 


This is bar. IYou can’t see not so much but actually inside of the venue was dark. 


Pizza delivered for dinner. Cheese, Pepperoni and veggie. 


I could eat only one piece last time but I ate two pieces this time. I like veggie one. Black olive was tasty 

ライブは、パンクなお客さんが多くて、皆さんかなり盛り上がってくれました。ありがとう! みよこさん撮影。

There were many punkish audience and they were great. Thanks a lot!

Pic. by Miyoko 

ライブの後、私たちの前に演奏したUndeadのメンバーと記念撮影。後列真ん中の男性BobbyはMisfits の初期のメンバー。お隣の奥さんは、何となくシーナアンドザロケッツのシーナさんに似てたように思いました。人生是パンクなり、を体現しているご夫妻でした。

After show, we took a picture with members of Undead who played before us. The man on the Center is Bobby who was a member of Misfits long time ago. The lady next to him is his wife.  I thought that she looked like Sheena from a Japanese band Sheena and The Rockets. Beautiful punk life might be there.