December 3, Kyoto UrBANGUILD

京都!わたしの大好きなバンド、Convex Levelの結成30周年ライブに出演しました。高速降りて京都タワーが見えて来たとこ。

Kyoto! We played at one of my favorite Japanese band Convex Level’s 30th year anniversary show. Got off the high way from Osaka, I could see Kyoto tower. 


I ate hamburg steak for lunch after we arrived at Kyoto. 


Loaded in to UrBANGUILD. 


It’s in a retro building. 


Along Takae river. 


There are restaurants using old Kyoto style buildings which has narrow entrance but the depth are long in the neighbors of the venue. 


An art Gallery near the venue. 


My favorite band Extruders was doing sound check at the venue. The blue lights made beautiful unique atmosphere. They are wonderful!


Soapjohenshi was doing soundcheck. Their sound was different from the beginning when they started the band. A little mysterious songs with clear voice. 


Out sound was hard and heavy by Risa and Naru’s drums and bass. 


Then Solmania played. It’s a Noise unit by Ohno who designed Shonen Knife’s album Adventure and Overdrive. Also he designed our T-shirts and towels. 

その次は、我らが朋友、Vampire! 少年ナイフ結成当初からバンパイアのみなさんにライブに誘ってもらって、しばしば共演していました。もう30年以上のお付き合い。この日はギターヴォーカルのワダくんがケガからの復帰ライブという事で、いつも以上に気合の入ったすばらしいステージでした。

The next was Vampire! We know each other from more than 30 years ago. They often invited us to have shows together when we started the band. It was the first show after Wada, guitar/vocal, came back from his injury and their show was great. 

そしてこの日の主役、結成30周年記念のConvex Level。飄々として、少しひねくれたリズムがたまりません。ギターのワタナベくんのヴォーカルは、いつでも青年のようで、すばらしい。

Then the main act on this day was the 30th anniversary Convex Level. A little twisted poppy sound is very good. The guitarist Watanabe’s voice looked like young boy’s. That’s fantastic. 


After show, I had dinner at the venue. The venue UrBANGUILD is famous for delicious dishes. I ordered soy milk taco rice and stewed beef. They were good. 


After that I drove back to Osaka getting through tunnels. Our bassist Ritsuko, our former drummer Emi and Kaori who played the bass as a support musician 7, 8 years ago for Shonen Knife came to the show. We were glad to see each other after a long time. Kyoto! What was a nice day.