October 18 THE GOV, Adelaide Australia


I had pastry which I bought yesterday and hotel amenity’s instant coffee for breakfast. I did my task after that.


Atsuko and Rosa went out to have lunch. I made a sandwich at the hotel kitchen. All materials were from supermarket yesterday.

部屋でセットリストのおさらい等していて、ずっと部屋に居た。4時になってテレサが迎えに来てくれて会場へ。こちら、本日の会場THE GOV。

I checked out our set list for today’s show in the hotel room. I did not went out. Teresa came to the hotel to pick us up and drove to the venue. This is the venue THE GOV.

こんなとこ。It’s here.


A big projector was sat up on the back of the stage. Our visual was ready. It was very colourful. Today’s main act Regurgitator’s sound check was started after that.


Wow, my calligraphy is on the screen!

Sweet Candy Power のアルバムジャケットもカラフルに!

The artwork of our album Sweet Candy Power looks so colourful!


The floor is like this.


This venue is classical.


There was a big stove.


The image of this venue is tropical resort.


Our super agent Paul showed up! He is also the owner of Valve Records which our albums are released. He is good at drawing. This candy cane T-shirt was designed by him.


Grey version of Kanji T-shirts were made!


With Teresa. She will do merch person today. So Rock and cool.


We started our sound check. This is my equipment for this tour.


I had electric shock on the microphone. I tried and tried to avoid it but still have it. There was no choice and I put microphone cover. And then suddenly strange noise was happened and the electric circuit got short circuited.


It would take long to repair and we did just linecheck and ate dinner. I chose fish and chips from the menus of the venue restaurant. It was good with fresh vegetables.


Our stage water was in a REUSE bottle.

電気設備トラブルの為、ライブの開始を30分遅らせ、オープニングアクトのTHE FAUVESが始まったのは8時15分ごろ。とにかく始まって良かった!聞けば、ブレイカーの箱ごと取り替えたらしい。そして我々の出番!

By the electric circuit, the start time of the show was 30 min delayed. The opening band THE FAUVES started to play from 8:15pm. Anyway it was good that we could start the show. I’ve heard that the whole box of the circuit had changed. Then our show time!


We mainly are a guest act for this Australian shows for Regurgitator’s 25th anniversary tour. We also have our headlining shows and the appearance for a music festival. Our set today was 45 minutes. The reaction from the audience was excellent. They clap their hands and called “Candy!”, too. I saw many people who were wearing Shonen Knife T-shirts. Thanks a lot!


After our show, I changed my clothes and went to see Regurgitator show. It was fantastic with beautiful movie on the projector. When I was looking the show, many people told me our show was fun.


Sound technician Greg was working. He is always funny and saying joke with serious face.


Wow! So many items at the mercy stand! Kanji Tote bag was appeared! Then Regurgitator’s show finished safely, all of Shonen Knife and Regurgitator went back to the hotel by car. The guitarist Quan drove us. All members of the band were so friendly and we talked in the car a lot. I worried about the short circuit of electricity today but it was good that we could finish safely. We have a show at the same venue tomorrow!