October 21 Off Day in Hobart, Tasmania Australia

今日はオフ。2015年にイベントに出してもらったMuseum of Old and New Artへ行った。ホバートから専用フェリーで30分。

It was a day off. We went to Museum of Old and New Art which we played at their event in 2015. It took about 30min from Hobart by it’s ferry.


This ferry is artistic. Objects were on the deck.


There’s a tennis court.


My blog when I came here last time.



This museum was built in 2011 by a person who is a genius for mathematics. Using mathematics, he earned tons of money by gambling. He was a collector of modern art and opened a museum. It is great that he use his money for art.


We were taken care of the music coordinator here. Thank you so much!


We had lunch at a cafe of the museum. It was duck meat with sesame sauce. So beauty and tasty.

美術館内部。Inside of the museum.


It was a good weather and dry.


I ordered iced coffee. I imagined it would be a black coffee but was ice cream float. I took cake away which I ordered.


We went back to Hobart by ferry at 5pm.

ホバートの港。Port Hobart.

この日の夜、80年代結成のアメリカのバンド、バイオレントフェムズのベーシスト、ブライアンに夕食会に招待していただいた。彼は2015年のイベントMONA FOMAのキュレーター。

We were invited for dinner by Brian who is a bassist of an American band, Violent Femmes formed in 80’s. He was a curator of MONA FOMA festival in 2015.



We were served gorgeous dinner and delicious alcohol. Then went back to the hotel. Thank you for everything!