October 27 TIVOLI, Brisbane Australia

朝起きて豆乳ラテを作って飲んで、フロント行って、テニスボール借りられるか聞いたら無いとの事。これは、テニス出来へんやんって思ったけど、とりあえず昼12時にTHE FAUVESと約束していたテニスコートへ行った。そしたら、ギターのPhilipがやってきて、ボールがないので出来ないね。メルボルンに帰ったら家からボールもってくるよ、との事。いずれにせよ、とても暑かったので、出来なかったかもしれない。

Got up in the motioning and had a cup of soy latte, I went to the front desk and asked if we can rent tennis balls but they didn’t have them. It must be impossible to play tennis, I guess. Anyway Atsuko and I went to the tennis court at noon the appointed time with The Fauves. The guitarist Philip from the band came to the court and he said that we could not play tennis without balls and he would bring tennis balls in Melbourne. In any case, it was very warm and we had better to give up playing.


After that Atsuko and I went to the same Japanese restaurant with yesterday for lunch. Risa had already went there and took foods away.

中華街。china Town.

なんか面白いオブジェ。Funny art object.


I ordered “Mentaiko” cod roe spaghetti. It was salty. I was happy for the green salad on the side. Dressing was a little salty, though.


And we went to buy some more bandage to a drugstore. There was an object on the side of the street.


Looks like a space ship?!


I bought bandage and went to a supermarket Woolworth and bought pastries. Then we came back to the hotel. I prepared for the show and ate the pasty, walk to the venue at 5:30pm.

この日は、日曜日なので3時20分からライブがスタート、出演は6バンドで我々の出番は5番目。7時5分から45分セットを思いっきりぶっとばした!熱烈なる少年ナイフファンの方々も多く、遠くダーウィンからわざわざお越しくださったお客さんにマンゴーやらTim Tam’sのお菓子やらをもらった。ありがとう!


It was Sunday and the show was started 3:20pm. 6 bands played there and we performed at the 5th. From 7:05pm, we played 45 mminutes set. We had many enthusiastic fans. A lady from Darwin gave us a mango, Tim Tam’s and Koala chocolate. Thank you!

After show, I changed into the band “Fat” T-shirt after show. All other members, Atsuko and Risa were wearing the same T-shirts. Then we had an interview for Regurgitator’s documentary film.


I bought this guitar bag for this tour. This is produced by ARIA. The colour is beautiful and tough. I checked in this one when I take flights but it has no damage. Simple and light bag is the best.


After our show, we were sitting in the dressing room and had beer. Then a keyboard player Seja who have joined Regurgitator’s tour took us ride on her car to our hotel because we had to carry back our equipment and guitars to our room. Everyone here are so kind to us. After taking a shower.


I ate mini curry and rice which Atsuko made using a pan in the after noon. And retort curry is MUJI’s curry. It was so tasty. Tastes like real restaurant. I went to bed soon after ate it.