November 8 THE METRO, Sydney Australia


An accident was happened in the morning! Washroom was clogged up! THe water level went up. It was happening from yesterday but if we wait a while, it got through and I left it. When I was worried, I heard someone knocking the door. A maintenance person came to the room with a bucket and a big plunger. I did not call him but why? Hmm… I wrote about the washroom trouble as a comment for the hotel when I connect to hotel WiFi. I had to put review of this hotel if I wanted to connect. What a quick response. We couldn’t use washroom during he was fixing but we have to leave! Finally I used a washroom in a room for employee.


I was a bit exhausted but checked out the hotel. We had branch at a small driver’s cafe.


The cafe was a kind of organic fast food.


I ate wrap sandwich. It was delicious!


They sell food like this.

New CastleからSydneyへ戻り、別のホテルにチェックイン。わたしは部屋でブログ書いた後、早めの夕食をハントしに近くのモールへ。

We drove back from New Castle to Sydney and checked in a different hotel from the day before yesterday. I went out for “food hunting” for a shopping mall in the neighbours after I wrote my blog in the room.


The escalators in this mall are slopes like this. They were not like steps.


I joined with Atsuko who went out ahead of me.


We went to a Sushi restaurant in the mall. Atsuko had already eaten ramen at Ippudo. She had just a cup of pineapple juice here.


Salmon sushi with mayo and teriyaki sauce. Thick sushi. Yum.


I bought soy milk at Ding Tai Fung. Delicious.

ストロー、紙製。Paper straw.

ホテルに帰って用意をして、Benの運転でQuanと一緒に会場入り。着いたら、THE FAUVES が、演奏中。

I came back to the hotel and went to the venue by Ben’s driving with Quran. When we arrived at the venue, THE FAUVES were playing.


We went up to the stage wearing head bands from our fun.


We took off before start playing because they may fly away.



The reaction of the audience was so energetic. It seemed that people there were so excited and cheerful. Thank you so much for coming!

We went back to the hotel by taxi after our show.


I got a bit of fried rice from Ding Tai Fung which Atsuko bought. After taking a shower and went to bed.