Nov 6 Sydney Australia. ART GALLERY OF NSW

おはよう!朝は昨日フリンダースストリート駅の売店で買っていたコロッケを食べました。これが以外にも日本の味でした。 6時半にホテルを出発し、グレッグ、ベンそしてナイフでメルボルン空港へ。

Good morning! I ate potato croquette for breakfast which I bought at Flinders Street Station yesterday. It was totally Japanese taste!  We left the hotel at 6:30am. Greg, Ben and Knives went to Melbourne airport together.


It was getting close to Sydney. When the aircraft got ready for landing, I started to have my earache. It’s not a good idea to ride airplane when you have a cold! Finally arrived at Sydney!


We waited Paul who flew from Brisbane drinking cafe latte at the airport. We checked in the hotel. And then we walked to the Art Gallery carrying equipments.


The exhibition is “Japan Supernatural “. It was so cool!


We looked around the exhibition before sound check.


The view from the stage.


Here was the stage.


We got dinner from the restaurant in the Art Gallery.


We had talk show before the show.

Live photo by Paul


Many people came to the show! Thank you very much!  I saw kids were dancing and smiling. It made me happy. I enjoyed the show in the Museum!


A fan gave us presents. I got Mondrian socks and earring! Thanks a lot.


Paul, Risa and I ate ice cream cookie sandwiches after we came back to the hotel. See you!

Thank you Sydney Rock City!