November 10 UNI BAR ,Wollongong Australia


I got tired yesterday very much. Getting up in the morning and boiled spaghetti. I topped spaghetti sauce which I bought at a Chinese market yesterday. And had a cup of instant coffee.


Our departure time is late afternoon today. I wrote my blog and did some work. After that I went to the mall which had 85° bakery.


DAISO is on upstairs.


There is an arcade game place.


I met Atsuko and Risa. They went out before I came here.


I bought fruits juice again. Pineapple and orange juice today. Is Australian fruit juice has no ice, usually? I love that better.

Benからテレビでテニスやってると連絡があり、Fed Cupのオーストラリア対フランスを観戦。最後まで見たかったけど、試合が長引き、Ben,Quanと出発。途中でPeterをピックアップして、Wollongongへ。シドニーから車で約1時間半。

Ben sent a message that he was watching tennis match on TV. I turned the TV on and watched Australia vs France of Fed Cup. We wanted to watch until the match would be over because it was a good match but we had to go. We drove to Wollongong with Ben and Quan after picked up Pete. It took 1 hour and a half from Sydney to Wollongong.

大学のライブ会場なので、UNI BAR。

The venue is in a university. That’s why UNI BAR.


When we arrived, YEAR6DISCO was playing. They makes up of zombies.


Keyboard player played a kind of horror melody lines.


Then our show time! The audience was so excited today, too. We had some very enthusiastic fans. I was happy. Fish and Chips were delivered just before the show. I had them after show. They were not so warm but tasty. Salad on the side was good.


Regurgitator was taken a photo.


Merch stall.


We took photos with today’s opening act YEAR6DISCO. A gentleman wearing a hat is a drummer of an Australian band Tumbleweed.


Then Regurgitator played.


After finished all programs, we drove back to Sydney with the same members as when we came.