Sunday, 25th July at GANZ toi, toi, toi!

大阪は西天満のライブハウス、GANZ toi, toi, toi!がビルの解体に伴い、この地での営業を終了することとなり、さよならイベントに呼んで頂きました。こちら、7年前に開業。大阪・アメリカ村の元「サンホール」のスタッフが新たに始めた会場です。

We played at GANZ toi, toi, toi! in Nishitenma, Osaka which is closing the day after this show because the building is getting old and will be re-built. This venue was started by people who were working at a club called “Sun Hall” in Amerika-mura, Osaka.


Other than us, Ulful Keisuke, Misako Odani, The Tako-san and 11 more performers played here for the event. This photo is ScatRaw’s performance. They wore Edo period style Kimono.

GANTZ toi, toi, toiは、2015年に少年ナイフのドラマーとして、りさちゃんが加入したときにバンド写真を撮影をした場所でもあります。当時は開店したてで、木の良い香りがしました。GANZには、バンドとして出演したことはなかったのですが、わたしはお客さんとして、田渕ひさ子さんと小谷美紗子さんのツーマンを見に来たことがあります。

We’ve ever took band photographs here when our drummer Risa joined Shonen Knife in 2015. This venue was just opend at that time and I smelled of wooden scent. Shonen Knife have never played here but I came here to see Hisako Tabuchi and Misako Odani’s two-man show.

Live photography by Tomoko Ota 撮影:太田智子

あつこは712 Day Party 2021の後、わたしとテニスの試合をしてから、ロサンゼルスに帰宅。そして、この日のベースは、なるちゃん。家から衣装を着用して行き、会場到着後まもなくステージへ。

Atsuko went back to Los Angeles soon after 712 Day Party 2021 Japan Tour after played tennis match with me. Naru played the bass for this show. All of us wore stage costumes at home and loaded in to the venue. It was not long before the show began.


We had 20minutes short set and played with full power all through the show.






そして、GANZ toi, toi, toi!のみなさん、おつかれさまでした!また、新天地でのご活躍を期待しております。

We played our all hit songs. Thank you for coming to the show!

I also would like to say thanks to people who worked for GANZ toi, toi, toi!. I pray for their success at new place.


We loaded out as soon as the show finished and did a bit of merchandise. I dropped at a supermarket to get food and drinks for dinner. I bought Hoegaarden Belgian beer and some salad  and I had a small party “for myself” at home.  Cheers! Our future live schedule after this show is EU/UK tour 2022 March and April. I hope we can go safely. I would like to to see our fans in EU/UK.