March 7, Ringebu, Norway 🇳🇴 Arnemoen Gard (Atsuko)

おはようございます。ヨーテボリの朝、ホテルの外は吹雪いてる。 泊まったホテルは簡易宿泊施設で、部屋の中にトイレ、シャワーは無く共同。そして皆が使えるキッチンが有る、というスタイル。朝9時半キッチンでサンドイッチとジュースを食べた。

Good morning. Morning in Goteborg and it was snowing outside our hotel. The hotel we stayed at was a simple accommodation facility, and there are no toilets or showers in the rooms. And there is a kitchen that everyone can use. I ate sandwiches and juice in the kitchen at 9:30 a.m.


There was a racket shop next to the hotel, so I took a look. I found a nice shirt from FILA’s tennis heritage series, but I’ll put up with it.


Left at 10:00. We had to be careful about trouble with the snow ~. Tires were spinning. Watch out for whiteouts. We took a detour and ran.

私のお気に入りパン。My favorite pastry.


The snow is getting lighter and drove more and more. We drove through Oslo and Lillehammer where was held Winter Olympics.  Arrived at the venue at 6pm. 


We used the venue’s equipments.


At the owner’s house, we had home made chicken curry for dinner. Thank you very much for the delicious food.


A young group was coming to the live and when I asked what group they were, they said “adult kindergarten”. It looks like everyone will have fun going skiing and watching Shonen Knife live performance.