March 10, Debaser, Stockholm Sweden

3月10日(金) Debaser, Stockholm Sweden

We took a taxi at 7am and went to Tromso airport. Making a reservation a taxi and go to the airport by ourselves. I could do this easily now but if it was long time ago, I couldn’t.


All of us bout sandwiches at the airport and had a breakfast.


Troll was selling.

The aircraft departed on time from Tromso airport and arrived at Oslo. We bought Sushi there. And transferred to Stockholm.




Who is this person on this package?

Our Scandinavian tour, 11 shows in a 11 days, have done 8 shows. 3 shows left. We will do our best! After we arrived at the venue in Stockholm, we did sound check. I borrowed this cabinet.

The venue is like this. It’s a big venue.

After soundcheck, dinner was served. Flat pasta with shredded pork and tomato sauce. It was so good.

We opened the merch table before the show and it was so busy. The show was packed. Thank you so much! I was happy and took many pictures. After show there was a long queue at the merch table. Thank you for waiting. I thank to people who came to our show!