March 15, Travel day from Helsinki to Frankfurt



We left the hotel at 4am by a fancy taxi and went to Helsinki airport. Mostly 3 hours flight by Lufthansa took us to Frankfurt. I was sleeping all through the flight and felt like arrived very quickly. There were many people at Frankfurt airport.

pour tour manager Kenkichi picked us up at the airport and drove to our hotel in Heidelberg. It took an hour.


checked in the hotel at 11am and all of us went to a coin laundry after sorted our dirty clothes in a room.


During laundry, we went to buy lunch to a Chinese restaurant. I bought Nashi goreng which menu isn’t Chinese though. It was very cold outside and my hands got frostbite quickly. Went back to the hotel, I ate Nashi goreng and took a nap for 3 hours. Anyway it was good that I could have clean clothes!



I went to a supermarket and ate it in the hotel room. Then went to bed.