March 19, Humbug Club, Basel Switzerland

3月19日(日) Humbug Club, Basel Switzerland

We checked out at 11am and drove. Then checked in a hotel close to the border of Switzerland and Germany. Our hotel is in Germany. It takes only 10 minutes to the venue in Basel and we left the hotel at 4:30pm but we had to stop at the border and waste more than 2 hours. Anyway, we loaded in behind 2 hours. It was one-man show. As soon as we arrived, we sat up our equipment.

After soundcheck, we had dinner at the venue. They served Ramen!!! How delicious! Thank you so much!!!


Show time came very quickly. Our audience were dancing and singing along us. Thank you so much! It was the first show after 10 years in Switzerland. I was happy to come back, only a few hours stay though. We dropped the border again and went back to a hotel in Germany. Switzerland doesn’t join the EU and they have their own rule.