September 18th – 21st

September 18th Dallas, TX

I found Black Bass goods at a truck stop.    It’s Texas.


Yes, this is Texas.  Cowboy hats and beef  jerky.


Today’s venue, “The Loft”.  The first floor is a party space.


I took pictures from a balcony at the venue.  Day and night.


We left the hotel at 11:00AM and went to Dallas.  We had 3 hours drive.  We could have a fantastic show in Dallas, too.

Thank you for coming to our show.  We had a good time.



September 19th Kansasa City, MO

We drove 7 hours and arrived at Kansas City.  I’ve never been here for a long time.  Many audience was waiting.  I was so happy.

I hope to come back to Kansas City soon.



September 20th Northfield, MN

At the campus of Carlton College   こちらがカールトン大学のキャンパスでござる。

Today’s venue “Cave”.  そしてこの日の会場、CAVE つまり洞窟だね。

Big tree…  大きな木がたくさん。

This is a poster of our show.  It’s so cute!  われわれのライブのポスター、こんなかわいいの作ってくれてた。


September 21st Chicagao, IL

At a truck stop, I found “Froot Loops” .  “Fruit Loop Dreams” is from this cereal.  When I sing “Lollipops for everyone”, lots of people seems to like this phrase.   It’s fun, isn’t it?

トラックストップでフルーツループ発見。着色料たっぷりのシリアル。ナイフの曲”Fruit Loop Dreams”はここからきてるだけど、”lollipops for everyone”のくだりを歌うといつもウケル。だって日本語で言うなら「ぺろぺろキャンディーをみんなに」だもんね。







September 21st  Chigago, IL

Today’s venue “Schubas”.    本日の会場Schubasでござい。 










I ate Mac & Cheese at the venue.  I’ve heard that Kurt Cobain of Nirvana liked this.







We’ve had one TV interview from buzz tv before the show.    Then we ROCKed on stage.

There were so many audience at the venue.  I’ve got flowers, dolls and comics from our fans.  Thanks a lot.