March 27, Pitcher, Düsseldorf Germany

3月27日(月)Pitcher, Düsseldorf Germany
It was 8 hours drive day and the 2nd day of 8 shows in 8 days in a row. It may be a kind of the 2nd climax of this tour. I had breakfast at the hotel in Prague and left there at 9am.

Kenkichi drove well and arrived at the venue in Düsseldorf safely. Thanks for the long driving! I heard that a big strike of all public transportation in Germany was happening but we didn’t have any trouble.

Right after arriving, we sat the stage. The stage didn’t have enough space and we made the cabinet vertical.

After soundcheck, we sat up our merchandise table and went to eat dinner. We went to a Vietnamese restaurant across the street where we went there 4 years ago, too. The menu was square paper last time but this time circle. I wanted to eat steamed rice but there was no steamed rice on the menu. They had only set up menu with other dishes. Then I ordered tofu and vegetable with steamed rice on the side. We shared these dishes. Everything was good. I love bread and cheese but I eat them everyday at hotel breakfasts. A bit got tired of it. That’s why I wanted to eat steamed rice.



In these days, we have translation applications which use camera. It is convenient. I can read German menu.


With a dog to the restaurant!? Wow!

I drew a picture on our drum head. It calls Drum Head Art! Three cats. After dinner, we checked in the hotel in 2 minutes walk from the venue and change into our stage costumes. Risa’s room which the person at the front desk gave the key was not cleaned and it was happing twice. Ah…

We had very good time at our show with cheerful, smiling and dancing audience. A lady said that I got happy when I saw Shonen Knife show. I was happy to hear that. Thanks a lot!


all Live Photos by Kenkichi