March 28, Mephisto, Hannover Germany

I had breakfast at a hotel in Dusseldorf. We stayed here 4 years ago and I wrote about the breakfast on my blog. There are many cakes. One month have passed since this tour started. I got tired of the same menu for breakfast every morning. I loved cheese and bread so much but now I can’t eat. But I could eat a piece of cake.

Riding on our van and off to Hannover. I ate a rabbit chocolate from the hotel breakfast in the van.

We arrived at the venue in Hannover after 3 hours drive and toilet break. This is like a hippie town.

I saw our posters. Cool! Thanks.

Inside of the venue.

Then soundcheck. Our re-ordered T-shirts supposed to be delivered to yesterday’s venue in Düsseldorf but it was not delivered until we were staying because of a strike in Germany but our parcels were delivered the next day. Anyway, I was sorry that there was not so many Shonen Knife goods for Hannover show. T-shirt company arranged express delivery from Düsseldorf to the venue in Hannover. It supposed to be delivered during our show. But it was impossible to arrive in time and it will be delivered to our hotel in Hannover.

We finished our daily task and went to have dinner. Risa suggested to go to eat Sushi to a Vietnamese Sushi restaurant. We went there but the restaurant was closed. Then we went to an Italian restaurant.

I ordered Spaghetti Bolognese as usual. I ate all but I still wanted to eat something more. My stomach expanded?!


Went back to the dressing room and drew Drum Head Art.

そして本番。お客さんニコニコのりのりでした。20年前から見にきてて、今日は15回目、と言ってくださるお客様も。ありがとう! Photos by Kenkichi
Then show time! Everyone there was smiling, dancing and so friendly. Thank you so much for coming. There was a person who said that he started to come to our show from 20 years ago and it was the 15th time today. Thanks a lot!



We went back to the hotel after show and were waiting the arrival of our T-shirts. Finally they arrived around midnight!!!!! Thank you for the driver who carried our packages. The delivery company was a Polish company. Good night.