March 30, Monkey’s, Hamburg Germany

3月30日(木)Monkey’s ドイツのハンブルグ

On the way from Leipzig to Hamburg, near highway toilet, cherry trees were flowering.

After 5 hours drive including toilet break, we arrived at the venue. We played here 4 years ago.

ライブ予定表。Schedule of shows here.

Donuts were catered. Risa ate them and said they were delicious.

We did soundcheck and sat up merch table. We folded all T-shirts which we re-ordered. I usually order folded and put in a clear plastic bag T-shirts in Japan. Is there folding service in Europe or in the US? They usually bunched.
Then we were so starved and went to Ramen Takumi like 4 years ago. There was a beautiful cherry tree on the way.

After 10 minutes walk, we arrived there. It was full and we waited 20 minutes and entered. I ordered Paitan-Ramen as last time. I also ordered Karaage and shared with Atsuko. Everything was delicious. Our poster was on the wall.

When we checked, the owner of the restaurant showed up and noticed us. He gave us ice cream. Thank you very much. I ate it on the way to the venue.

We talked with tonight’s support band at the dressing room and our show time came. There were many audience. We always get a very good reaction from the audience in Hamburg. Thank you so much!


I got beer after show from the bar. I was happy!

It was raining when we load out. Oh, no! Our hotel was in a area like Kabuki-Cho, Tokyo or Juso, Osaka.

キョロキョロしながらホテルへ。Looking around and checked in to the hotel.

There was a Beatles-Platz at Beatles Square. Beatles played Hamburg and sang “I want hold your hand” has German lyrics, too. Good night!

絵をもらったよ。we got a drawing!