April 3 Drive day from Köln, Germany 🇩🇪 to Amsterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱 (Atsuko)

Today we say goodbye to Germany. Naoko said it was the first time for her to visit 10 cities in Germany. Since we stayed in Cologne, we decided to go sightseeing a little before heading to our hotel in the suburbs of Amsterdam. Risa and Kenkichi’s first visit to Cologne Cathedral. I was also impressed when I visited there for the first time, so you should definitely see it if you have a chance.

まずは昼食!美味しそうなラーメン屋さんでラーメンを食べずにカレーを頂きました。カレーもご飯もそしてとりの唐揚げに餃子も、とても美味しかったです‼︎ 食欲爆発‼︎
First, we had lunch! I had curry instead of ramen at a delicious ramen restaurant. The curry, rice, fried chicken, and dumplings were all very tasty. ‼︎ appetite explodes‼︎

Ta-da! I’m still impressed by the power of Cologne Cathedral. It’s huge.

We went inside.


While Risa and Kenkichi climbed the tower, Naoko and I strolled around the stores. Because we climbed the tower before.  When Naoko sees this machine, she always do it. When Risa came back from the tower, her legs were like a fawn. 

We arrived at a hotel (private accommodation) near Amsterdam and went out for dinner. The restaurant we expected to go to closed at 8 o’clock (early!). We went to a restaurant that was still open and got take-out sushi. After that, we stopped by a supermarket and went home. Risa bought beef and cooked it. Power!

Risa and I did exercises while watching YouTube before bed.

Good night!