April 5 Drive Day from Amsterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱 to Brussels, Belgium 🇧🇪 (Atsuko)

Morning in Amsterdam. Risa made fried eggs for me.

ベルギーのブリュッセルへ。途中、トイレに€ 0.80で入ったらお花畑でした!ちなみに各トイレで景色は違ってたよ。
We went to Brussels, Belgium. On the way, We had toilet break. It takes € 0.80.  It was a field of flowers! The view was different in each toilet.

I found something very Dutch at a store. Bicycle goods.

We checked into the hotel and was hungry, so I went to a Belgian restaurant…it was past 3:00 and there were only a few places open… I forgot that they close after lunchtime. 

Afterwards, Naoko and I strolled around Brussels.

We went to the Cathedral St. Michel to see inside. Beautiful! The pipe organ is huge.

From the Cathedral we went to the famous square, Grand Place. We came here on my last tour, but I knew I had to see it. And the Pissing Boy, too. Everywhere was crowded with tourists.

Back to the hotel and the three of us did laundry. Clothes are clean and refreshed.

While waiting for the laundry, Risa and I went to a sushi restaurant and brought back bao to eat at the hotel. It was delicious.

We have a show in Brussels tomorrow.