April 11, a day off in London

I got bug bite everyday recently. By the way, an interview was planned on this day but it moved to other day. It became a day off in London. I had beef steak for lunch extravagantly. We had to put “power” to ourselves.

The place of this restraint used to a church.

I cut the steak. Many vegetables on the side and I was contented. So full.

りさちゃんは、お買い物へ。あつこさんと私は、Fashion and Textile Museum へ行くべくロンドンブリッジ行きのバスに乗り込む。こんな所通った。
Risa went shopping. Atsuko and I took a ride of double decker bound for London Bridge to go to Fashion and textile Museum. Passing through here.

ロンドンブリッジ駅到着。こちらがFashion and Textile Museum。
And arrived at London Bridge Station. This is Fashion and Textile Museum.

Andy Warhol’s textile exhibition was held this time.

The entrance fee was GBP 12 but there was not so many exhibitions.

外に出てロンドン橋の方へ行くとこのようなタワーがあった。The Shirdと言うらしい。上るのに32ポンドもかかるらしいので、パス。
There was a glass tower like this when I walked toward to London Bridge. It is named The Shird. It needs GBP 32 for going up to the top. It is too expensive and I didn’t enter it.

I came to London Bridge.

Tower Bridge over there.

It was rain and windy today. It was also sooooo cold. Bad weather. Atsuko and I took a ride of underground and went to a retro taste cafe.

I had cafe latte and thick caramel cake.

Colorful menu. I’m sure that I have been here before. The door was left open. So cold inside.

In bad weather, I walked through Burlington arcade, dropped some department to use toilets and went to buy SIM card. My SIM card was changed from Three to O2.

We took 2 different bus lines and went back to the hotel. Ah, so cold. I had a donut as my dinner.