April 15, The Garage, London UK

4月15日(土)The Garage イギリスのロンドン

Atsuko and I wait the opening time of the Korean-Japanese restaurant close to the Our hotel and went there. We were the first customer of the restaurant. I came her 3rd times for this tour. I ordered assorted Tempura, Miso soup and steamed rice. Yam potato tempura, and prawn tempura. I took off the tempura batter as yesterday’s fish and chips, ate everything. It was yum.

I bout a cup cake on the way to the hotel. The flavor was different from Japanese one.

We left London at 14:15 and went to the ensue. Wow! The venue kept our poster until the color fade away.

Atsuko and I went to looked for the load in door because we couldn’t find the load in door. Atsuko and I was staying at a parking space for 20 minutes and our van arrived after 20 minutes.

After our van arrived, people at the venue helped to load in. This is a wall art.

We did sound check, sort the march table. Atsuko always set our mercy at the right place.

I hired a person who sell merch today because it seemed that our mercy table will be very busy. Risa and Kenkichi-san our tour manager went to eat an Italian restaurant. They brought back our dinner . My order was mushrooms and chicken cream spaghetti.

There was a long queue to enter into the venue. Thanks!

そしてライブ開始!満員御礼SOLD OUT !!!会場は熱気につつまれてた!!!ありがとう!ありがとう!来てくれてありがとう!
Then our show started. It was a SOLD OUT show!!! Everyone there was so excited. Thank you for coming!!!

We went to the merch table after show. I was happy to meet our audience. Went back to the hotel and slept quickly.