April 16, Con Club, Lewes UK

I had Ham and Cheese sandwiches from catering yesterday for my breakfast. There is no refrigerator in our hotel. I kept sandwiches in room temperature but there was no problem. We depart from London at 1:30pm and arrived the venue after 2 hours. Crossed Thames river. It reminds me of Yodo river or Yamato river in Osaka.

I ate pumpkin croquette which I bought at  drivrer’s cafe and Nori seaweed from our fan. Yum!

約2時間後、会場 着。とても落ち着いた趣の町です。
After two hours drive, we arrived at the venue.Here is calm beautiful town.

Load in, sound check, set up merch table and went out to have dinner.

We wanted to go to a pub but it is almost closing and went to an Italian restaurant.

I ordered Margarita Pizza. I forgot to take a picture of it. It was yummy. I ate half. Atsuko and Risa ate 1/4 each. They had prawns.

This is Lewes Castle. I had no time to enter but I want to visit next time if I have a chance.

そして本番。ライブは、SOLD OUT!!!
Show Time! The show was SOLD OUT!!!
So many people came to our show. Some people had to watch our show from the bar next to the venue. Thank you for coming!

Charlie from UK Subs came to he show!