April 13 Reading UK 🇬🇧 Sub 89 (Atsuko)

Good morning! I didn’t eat breakfast, so I bought sushi for an early lunch. It was good!
We will be based in London for a while, heading to various places. I am thankful that I don’t have to carry my own travel luggage, which saves my energy. We left for Reading at 1:30pm.

会場はこちらの2階。搬入は裏口からで機材専用のリフトが、あったーー!今日のサポートバンドのGo Go Cult のメンバーも手伝ってくれて助かりました。ありがとう。
The venue is on the second floor here. The loading entrance was back. There was a lift for equipments. Yeah! Members of today’s support band, Go Go Cult, helped. Thank you.

The venue was big, so big merch table.

Go Go Cult がサウンドチェック中。
Go Go Cult was doing sound check.

Knives went to eat dinner.

I had a ramen with eggplant. Risa ate Sushi. Naoko ate eel rice bowl.

And then it was our turn. I played live with the sushi and ramen power I had today. I’m so glad everyone was waiting for us. Thank you so much!!

We drove back to London. Good night!