April 14 Cambridge UK 🇬🇧 The Portland Arms (Atsuko)

I am getting up later and later in the morning, and today I went to my usual pub just before 12:00, when the breakfast menu was over. I had English breakfast. I’m pretty sure there was no sausage in my order…but oh well. Thanks.

ケンブリッジの会場、The Portland Armsに到着。パブの奥に会場があります。ソールドアウトの張り紙、ありがとうございます。
We arrived at the venue, The Portland Arms in Cambridge. The venue is located behind the pub.  Sold out show tonight! Yeah!!

こちら、今回のUKツアーを8ヶ所サポートしてくれるThe Kutがサウンドチェック中。
The Kut was soundchecking . They support our UK tour with 8 shows.

We had dinner at venue’s pub. I had hamburger and sweet potato fries. 

The door will open soon.

Today’s costume was 712 Black and White. Thank you for the full house! Thanks for the “Candy “call too.

We drove back to London and good night!