April 17 London UK 🇬🇧 BBC radio session (Atsuko)

Good morning! I woke up late and had lunch at my usual Korean Japanese restaurant. When I ordered, Risa happened to join us and the three of us ate together. I ate bulgogi.

3時半集合で、ロンドンにあるBBCのスタジオに行きました。BBC 6 MUSIC の人気DJ、マークライリーさんの番組に出演します。いつもならマークさんのいるマンチェスターのスタジオまでの行くのですがスケジュールがどうしても合いませんでした。90年代にジョンピールセッションに出た時はロンドンのスタジオでした。同じ場所かどうかは覚えてないけど〜。
We met at 3:30 and headed out to BBC Studios in London. We performed for BBC 6 MUSIC’s popular DJ Marc Riley’s show. Usually we visit his studio in Manchester, our schedule was tight. When Shonen Knife played for John Peel session in the 90’s, it was at a studio in London. I can’t remember if it was the same place or not.

3曲演奏してサクッと終了‼︎ 毎日ライブしてるからね。
We played 3 songs. We do live shows every day, so finished quickly.

I saw a fox on my way back. I heard that you can often see foxes in London.

We returned to the hotel, dropped off our bag, and went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. We had seafood crispy noodles and nasi goreng. The noodles one was so good that we should have ordered two.

Back to the hotel and while drinking beer, I sorted out my luggage. Tomorrow we will check out of the hotel in London where we have stayed for 10 days.