May 1, Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate UK

Checked out the hotel in London at 11am. Atsuko and I went to eat lunch to a restaurant in the neighbors. I ordered a cup of coffee and

Poached eggs. It was delicious!

We left London at 13:00 and drove to Ramsgate. The distance is 2 hours drive. We checked in a hotel in Ramsgate once and drop off our luggage and went to the venue.

Entrance of the venue.

Inside of the venue. It looks like a music venue in Osaka, Namba Bears and it is a bit bigger than Bears.

Soundcheck. Today’s cabinet is this one.

下の階の楽屋から階段でステージへ上がるシステム。階段が急でちょっとこわい。名古屋のUPSET 思い出したりして。
The dressing room is downstairs of the stage. Took stairs and going up to the stage. The stairs is steep. It reminds me of a venue in Nagoya, Japan UPSET.

What? The photo of this schedule is a four piece band. Ha, ha, ha. We are three piece band. Could you please see our official website?

We finished our daily task and three of us went to an Indian restaurant.

We shared these dishes. Everything was delicious.

The scenery on the way back to the venue.

Coronation business is lively.

After the door open, we took care of our merch table. I took a picture with the support ban today. Cute.

そんなこんなしてたら、本番!今日もSOLD OUT! 一緒に歌ってくれたり踊ってくれたり。ありがとう!見にきてくださったお客さんに感謝します。明日の追加公演も頑張ります!今回ツアーの最終日!
Then showtime. It was a SOLD OUT show. The audience sang along us and dancing. Thank you so much for coming to our show! I will do my best for tomorrow’s show. It was the last show of this tour!