May 1 Ramsgate UK 🇬🇧 Ramsgate Music Hall (Atsuko)


Monday, May 1st. The UK is on a Bank Holiday today.


We checked out the hotel in London at 11am and went to eat lunch. The Japanese restaurant opened at 12:00 and was not yet open, so we went into our first Spanish restaurant. I ordered Spanish style breakfast. It was delicious.



We left London at 1pm and two hours drive to Ramsgate.

We dropped off our luggage at the hotel and went to the venue.


We set up our gears and had sound check as usual. 
The show was sold out immediately after tickets went on sale, and an additional show was scheduled for the following day.  Thankfully, both days were sold out.


The March table was set up on the upper floor with the bar area.


We played this venue in 2018.
My blog from that time goes into more detail.

April 9 Ramsgate, Music Hall



We went to dinner hunting. Indian food for two days in a row. Naoko Risa and I shared two kinds of curry.


The door was opened and I went to merch table to chat and sell.
In the meantime, the support band started.



The dressing rooms were directly below the stage. Stairs leading out to the stage were behind the red wall.


The venue was packed with the audience who were looking forward to our live show. Thank you so much!!


Tomorrow is finally the last show of the two-month long tour.