May 3, 4 Travel Day Ramsgate, UK 🇬🇧 to Heathrow airport ~Los Angeles 🇺🇸 (Atsuko)







Last night we finished our two-month live tour and I was packing up my equipment and my belongings in my suitcase, so I went to bed late.

Today, we go to a hotel near Gatwick Airport where Naoko and Risa will stay. Then I go to a hotel near Heathrow Airport where I will stay.

We left the hotel at 10:30 and decided to stop by a cafe that served scones.

I tried to web check in for the plane in the car on the way, but it didn’t work and I gave up. I couldn’t even get a seat reservation…oh no.

Lunch was quiche. And scone and cappuccino. The scone didn’t come with clotted cream, but I had it with jam. It was delicious.



A town called Wye where the cafe was located.





We arrived at the hotel at Gatwick Airport. I said goodbye to Naoko and Risa. I felt a bit empty without them.

Then we drove for about an hour and arrived at my hotel. I also said goodbye to Kenkichi-san. I am very glad that it ended without any accident. Thank you very much.

Checked in to the room, had a beer and did final packing of luggage.

I thought about going to the hotel restaurant, but after eating instant noodles in the room, I was satisfied.



なかなか寝付けなくてテレビつけたらThat’s 70sやってた。面白い。

Naoko and Risa sent me some delicious pictures…. They were eating so much, even parfait!

I took a long bath after a long time. It feels good!

I couldn’t sleep well, so I turned on the TV and That’s 70s was playing. Interesting.

Bad Company, Mungo Jerry, Suzi Quatro. Very cool!




Thursday, May 4.

I left the hotel around 7:40 a.m. and took a bus to the airport terminal. I checked in safely, checked my luggage, passed through passport control, and went inside. There were coronation goods here and there. After looking at the souvenirs, it was time to go to the boarding gate. I was shopping and totally forgot to eat. (lol)


The boarding gate is far away, so I take the train to get there.

機内映画はエルビスプレスリーのお話「ELVIS」(俳優さんがかっこいい〜)  、「EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE 」と、ホイットニーヒューストンのお話の「WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY 」を見ました。

因みに行きはデビッドボウイの「Moonage Daydream 」と「ミセスハリスパリへ行く」を見ました。

乗務員がデビッドベッカムみたいな風貌でムキムキやった。大団体旅行の御一行が乗ってて機内はバーみたいになってた。ええんかな(笑) あ〜直行便は楽でいいです。


次は日本の712 Day Party だーー!

I saw the in-flight movies “ELVIS” (the actor is so cool), which is about Elvis Presley, “EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE”, and “WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY”, a Whitney Houston story.

On the outbound flight I saw David Bowie’s “Moonage Daydream” and “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris”.

The crew looked like David Beckham. There was a large group traveling together and the cabin was like a bar. Direct flights are easy and nice.

I arrived in Los Angeles safely.

712 Day Party in Japan is next!!