September 25th New York, NY

We stayed in Bedford, 2 hours away from Pittsburgh and left the hotel at 10:00AM.  The traffic around NY area is always bad.  We arrived at Asian Society Museum around 3:30PM. There were statue of Yoshitomo Nara’s in front of the museum.






We loaded into the Museum and had sound check and TV shooting for Fuji TV of  NY.  This venue looks like a theater or classical concert hall.






We autographed on Daisy Rock mini guitar.






I have this model of  The Powerpuff Girls at home.  I’ve got it from Cartoon Netowrk when I recorded “Buttercup” song.  After the show, this purple mini guitar was sold.   I didn’t play at a seated venue for a long time but it was packed and I could have a good time on stage.






We’ve got beautiful flowers from the Society.  Thank you very much!  Arigato!






After the show, we took a picture in front of Nara’s statue.  Then we went to eat late dinner.  I was starving.



In addition to…

It’s Sunday, September 26th morning.   I’ve been to a Chinese super market near the hotel.  It smells like China and Taiwan.

We’ll play at “Rock and Roll Hotel” in Washington D.C. tonight.  Please come to our show!!