Comparison of public restrooms between Japan and U.S. 日米公衆トイレ比較

I’m in U.S. and now I want to compare restrooms at truck stop and shopping malls  between Japan and U.S.

U.S. restrooms —  We can see person’s foot underneath the door.  I don’t mind about this.

Sometimes broken…   I don’t mind.  I can use other one.

Most of always be prepared soap and paper towel.  I shouldn’t use paper towel for eco but it’s convenient.  Soap is important to protect from virus.

The number of public restrooms are less than that of Japan.

Sometimes toilet rolls are placed at unexpected spot like it’s so far away from my hands.

Japanese restrooms — Doors are enough length.

Mostly clean and sometimes there are warm seast and washing machine.  I like that.  Japanese restrooms at truck stops are very gorgeous and confortable.  There are more than 30 restrooms at one truck stop.

Usually there are not so much soap.  There is no paper towel but hands dryers.  I don’t mind for paper towel but I need soap.

We can easily find restrooms in town.