September 28th Brooklyn, NY – September 29th Milford,CT

September 28th Brooklyn, NY

This is the sign board at Knitting Factory Brooklyn.






Ritsuko and Emi uploaded their dinner at a Japanese izakaya restaurant so I’ll show you my dinner, too.






My one is shrimp tempura roll and miso soup.


Our show in Brooklyn went very well by eating Japanese food.  You can watch the show at this site as USTRAM.  Please watch.  Thank you for coming to our show!!!

日本食のパワーでライブは元気いっぱいできました。ライブの模様は↑のKnitting FactoryのサイトでUSTRAMにて見ることができます。ご覧あれ。見に来てくださった方、ありがとう!!!


September 29th Milford, CT

We were already in Milford and had a lot of time until load in.  We went to a giant shopping mall.


At first, I went to a sporting goods store.  I found a lot of fishing goods.


Then I went to Target.  There were a lot of Halloween goods.  At a book store, there were many Japanese Manga.  At the space of  Japanese Manga, some Japanese sweets were sold.  I got “Chocorooms”.


After that, we went to PEZ company for a factory tour.  Robby, the boss of our North American label Good Charamel Records, is a famous PEZ collector and we could enter into the factory as exception.

そしてそして、わたしらはペッツの工場見学へ行きました。ナイフの北米のレーベル、Good Charamel Recordsの主宰者Robby氏が有名なペッツのコレクターということで特別に工場を見せてもらうことができました。

It’s a grocery factory.  We had to wear these jackets and caps.






This is my favorite one.  These looks like the Residents.


A lot of PEZ.  PEZ PEZ PEZ






Today’s venue Daniel Street.  Around the venue there is a beautiful sea.


I eat Chocorooms and do my best for tonight’s show.