September 30th Montreal, Canada – October 2nd Buffalo, NY

Our show in Milford went well and we could have a good time.  Thanks!

September 30th Montreal, Canada

 We drove about 6 hours and arrived at Montreal.  It was hard rain.  The venue is a huge place and the show was a part of Pop Montreal Festival.  People in Montreal speak French but all of them speak English, too.  I felt history.  Our show was started from 12:30AM.  It was very late at night but the reaction of audience was great.  Merci!


9月30日 モントリオール、カナダ


October 1st Toronto, Canada

This day, we drove about 6 hours, too.  It was still raining.  SK have ever played at Horseshoe Tavern several times.  I felt like home.  It’s on Queen’s street which is a shopping street.  There are a lot of cool stores.  I bought a book for my long flight from Buffalo to Osaka.

When I came back from shopping, there were many people in front of our venue.  There were very good crowd.  I could have a good time in Toronto.

10月1日 トロント、カナダ

この日も約6時間車に乗りました。雨はまだ降っていた。ナイフはここHorseshoe Tavernでは過去に何度か演奏したことがありまして。ま、ある意味ふるさとのような感覚さえありまして。ここの会場はクイーンズストリートというお店が並んだ通りに面しています。素敵なお店がいっぱい。わたしはバッファローから関空までの乗り換えを含んでの長い長いフライトに備えて、本を買いました。


October 2nd Buffalo, NY

Buffalo is a home town of our North American label, Good Charamel Records.  That’s why it would be our final show of this tour.  Our show time will come soon.  Let’s rock!

10月2日 バッファロー

バッファローはナイフの北米のレーベル、Good Charamel Records の本拠地。ゆえ、この地がツアーファイナルと相成っておるわけです。あ、もうすぐショータイム。Let’s rock!