My snail blog. August 10th, and 11th

We went to the studio of BBC radio 6 in Manchester for radio session.  We took a train from Euston station.  We arrived at one minutes before the departure time because of the delay of taxi.  It’s like a hard days night.


You can find it’s Virgin Express if you click this photo.  Cute face train.

この写真をクリックしてもらえると、車体のVirgin Expressの文字が出てきます。

DJ Marc was the bassist for the Fall.  I was so excited to meet him.  We played 3 songs for his program and one song for another program.


I found this advertisement at Euston station. Vamos! ユーストン駅にてこんな看板発見!ナダルがお迎えしてくれた。

August 11th, we played at “Windmill” Brixton as the Osaka Ramones.  We played 7 songs of the Ramones’ cover and some Shonen Knife songs for the encore.  I ate this fish cake before the show.  I was so busy and had just this photo.


We could have a very good time with the audience.  お客さんと楽しいひと時を過ごせたよ。