My snail blog. August 15th – 18th

Monday, August 15th,  “Sneaky Pete’s”, Edinburgh, Scotland

On the way from New Castle to Edinburgh, we dropped at Henderson Park.

8月15日(月)スコットランドのエジンバラ 「Sneaky Pete’s」

ニューキャッスルからエジンバラへ行く途中、Henderson Parkってとこに立ち寄った。

Then, we ate lunch at Scotland style cafe.


I ordered Herb Tea, Potato & Leak soup and cheese Sandwitch.


This is the venue, Sneaky Pete’s.  Edinburgh festival is held in summertime.  It’s all of the art festival.

I’ve heard that our show was a part of it.  The show was totally packed.  We had to go on the stage getting through the audience.  It was very hard to do it.  We had very good time and it was so hot.

ここ、会場の「Sneaky Pete’s」。エジンバラでは夏に芸術全般のフェスティバル「エジンバラフェスティバル」というのを開催していて、我々のライブもその一環なのだそう。会場は足の踏み場もないほどの満員すし詰め状態。客席を通ってステージに行かなきゃならなかったけど、その通りにくかったことと言ったら。ライブは大盛り上がり、楽しく過ごせました。暑くて熱かった。

Tuesday, August 16th, “Nice’n’sleazy”, Glasgow, Scotland

I had no time to take pictures on this day.  I had many interview.  Anyway, the tickets of our show was sold out, too.

I ROCKed with great audience in Glasgow.

8月16日(火) スコットランドのグラスゴー「Nice’n’sleazy」


Wednesday, August 17th, “Black Box” Belfast, Northern Ireland

On the way from Glasgow to Stranraer, the town we took a ferry, I saw many cows.

8月17日(水)英国、北アイルランド、ベルファスト 「Black Box」


Then, we took a ferry from Stranraer.  In the ferry, there was a kids room.  These Teletubbies’ faces looked a little weird.


I like ferry a lot.  It’s gorgeous, romantic.  フェリーだいすき。豪華、ロマンチック。

There were a duty free shop in a ferry.  船内には免税店もあります。

We arrived at “Black Box”.  It’s a cool venue.  People are so kind to us.

ここが会場、「Black Box」かっこいい会場。人々も親切だった。

It was my first time to go to Belfast but so many audience have already knew Shonen Knife songs a lot. I was so happy.   Thank you!