My snail blog. August 24th

Wednesday, August 24th  travel day from Amsterdam to Frankfurt

We had an interview for a Holland TV at the lobby of our hotel from noon and left the hotel around 13:00.



with a TV reporter.  He dressed up!  テレビのリポーターと。おしゃれしてきてくれました。

Holland! Seeing the souvenirs,  I could know where am I.   No time to see around on this day.


On the way to Frankfrut at a drivers service.  フランクフルトへ行く途中、サービスエリアにて。

So many cows in Europe.  また牛、牛。

Looked tasty ice cream and salad at driver’s services and Hello Kitty everywhere.


At a hotel in Frankfrut.  Bed covers were cute.  The time for sundown is late.  Beautiful sunset.


We were starving and went to German style restaurant.  Night life in Frankfrut.


Brief rest.  Tasty das Schnitzel. 束の間の休息。フランクフルトのフランクフルト。シュニッツェルおいしい。

Good night.  ではおやすみなさい。