My snail blog. August 26th

Friday, August 26th ‘The Great Rang Teng Teng” Freiburg, Germany

8月26日(金) ドイツ、フライブルク「ザ・グレートランタンタン」

We left the hotel at noon and had a traffic jam.  Then we  arrived at 5 p.m.  at Freiburg.  It was very sunny and so hot on the way.


In Freiburg, it was raining.  Beautiful stone pavement.


We were served delicious berries at the venue and went to eat French crapes in the neighbor of the venue. French crapes in Germany!   It looks like a market.


Inside of the market.  フライブルクの「ひろめ市場」内部。

I often see statues of Buddha in European interior shops.  I found a cute mushroom.


The show was packed and we could have a very ROCK time.  Danke!!!