My very snail blog. September 6th

Tuesday, September 6th  “Loppen”  Copenhagen, Denmark

9月6日(火)「ロッペン」 デンマークのコペンハーゲン

We stayed at a town just between Oslo and Copenhagen.  It was Sarpsborg, Norway. 



Ate breakfast and drove to Copenhagen.  Baby baggy in Copenhagen is like this.  It must be safe and exciting.



This is a fantastic hippie town Loppen.  こちらがヒッピーの郷、ロッペンでございます。


I’ve heard that this area is a special ward.  Catering was delicious Thai curry.  We took long for driving and no time to have sound check but our show went well.  Needless to say, people here are very kind and we could ROCK very much!!!