My very snail blog. September 9th

Friday, September 9th  Travel day, Utrechit to London

9月9日(金) 移動日 ユトレヒトからロンドンへ

I ate breakfast at a hotel in Utrecht and went back to London.


Driving, Euro tunnel and driving, we arrived in London.  Janice at Damnably records made delicious dinner for us.  Thank you!

車で走って、ユーロトンネル抜けて、また車で走ってロンドン着。我々のレーベル「Damnably records」のJaniceちゃんがおいしい夕食を作ってくれました。ありがとう!


This is the entertainment booklet of a famous British newspaper “Guardean”.  To my surprise, the article about Shonen Knife is on the upper than Brian Wilson’s!!!