an addition, September 12th

Monday, September 12th  London to Osaka

9月12日(月) ロンドンから大阪へ

We had an after party at a bar on Sunday night and went to bed a little late.  On Monday morning, we left the hotel at 10:30 but I wasn’t very tired because I could play in front of many audience and see beautiful towns.  At Heathrow airport, I ate bagle sandwitch and went shopping to Duty Free.  The flight was very long.

Finally, we arrived at Kansai airport and I waited my luggage.  One police dog came near me and sniffed my trousers.  It put it’s nose sweat on my trousers.  Then another police dog came near me.  It smelled the same spot and put it’s sweat, too.  Why?  Anyway, they were so cute.