October 21st, II Motore, Montreal Canada

October 21st, Friday  II Motore, Montreal Canada

10月21日(金) II Motore カナダのモントリオール

We checked out the hotel at 10:00.  On the way to Montreal, we had a traffic jam but could arrived at Montreal a little earlier.  We took 40 minutes break.  Our van stopped at a shopping mall and I bought a warm muffler because it was very chilly.


This is our van.   オレたちのThe 車。

Arrived at the venue and had sound check, then dinner as usual.  I ate Vietnamese noodles Pho.  It tasted good.


The show was so hot, too.  People in Montreal are rock.  Merci!


This is “fun! fun! fun!” 20cm LP.  これ、今回製作した「fun! fun! fun!」の 20cm LP。

After the show, we drove back to U.S. and arrived at the hotel 3:30 a.m.  I could went to bed around 5:00 a.m.