October 24th Monday, Otto Bar Baltimore, MD U.S.

October 24th Monday, Otto Bar Baltimore, MD U.S.


I went to bed 1:00a.m. 23rd’s night but I couldn’t sleep.  Playing “Zookeeper” of Nintendo DSi and surfing internet through i-pod touch, I was staying in a bed for 5 hours.  The time became 6:00a.m.  It was the start time of the hotel breakfast.  I went to the dining and had breakfast.  It was still dark outside.  I came back to my room but I still couldn’t sleep.  I finally slept at 9:00a.m.  I shouldn’t drink coffee before go to bed!!  It said “decaf” but it effected to me very much.

前日の夜は午前1時ごろに寝床に入ったものの寝付かれず、DSiでzookeeperをしたり、iPod Touchでネットサーフィンしたりしつつ、結局ベッドの中で5時間過ごし、時刻は朝6時。お宿の朝食が始まる時間となったゆえ、食堂へ。外はまだ暗かった。部屋に戻って床に入るがまだ眠れず。結局午前9時に寝付いた。寝る前にコーヒーなんて飲むんじゃなかったなぁ。カフェインは抜いてある「デカフェ」と書かれていたが、なんの、なんの。わたしには効果大だった。

After my 2 hours sleep, we left the hotel at noon and arrived at the venue in Baltimore around 3:00p.m. Sound checked and went to eat hamburger for dinner.

It was the genuine American hamburger!  It was delicious.  This restaurant served Bison burger, too.  I’ve never tried it, though.



Here is “Atomic Books”, very cute book store.  We had an autograph session here.  They sell “Shonen Knife Land”!  Many Shonen Knife fans came to the session.

Tara McPherson’s goods are here.  She had designed our poster, T-shirts and CD jacket.  Cool art.

We’ve got Halloween gifts from our fan.  Thank you so much.




Our show went well.  Mostly packed audience seemed having fun.  We had fun time, too.


By the way, I’ve got this heart shape guitar from Mike in Toronto.  Cute guitar.