October 28th, Stereo Live, Houston TX


We left the hotel 10:00a.m. in the morning and arrived to Houston, famous city for NASA at 5:30p.m.  On the way to Houston, I saw a man walking along high way.  It was so dangerous.  I saw such person in Japan just once and I’ve made a phone call to police.

This is the venue and a beautiful poster!



Here is a merch table with Atsuko.  物販コーナー。アツコがおります。

The poster on the wall was from 1995, Japan tour.  後ろの壁のポスターは1995年のジャパンツアーの時のもの。

We ate delicious Mexican food for dinner.  夕食にはおいしいメキシコ料理。

We played outside stage and it was a little chilly but everybody there was ROCKed.  We could have a good time in Houston.  Love!