November 13th The Strutt, Kalamazoo, MI

11月13日(日)The Strutt, ミシガン州カラマズー

We left the hotel at 12:00p.m. and drove to Jimmy John’s sandwich.  Everyone other than me ate sandwiches.  I was not hungry and ate nothing.  We had to adjust our watch to Eastern time on this day.  We lost 1 hour.  It was a little sad.  We saw beautiful evening glow.


We had an hour and 30min rest at the next hotel and loaded in at The Stratt around 6:00p.m.  We came here last year, too.

1時間半の休憩を次のホテルでとってから、この日の会場の「The Stratt」入り。ここでは去年も演奏させてもらいました。

Foods at the Stratt are good.  I ordered herb tea and turkey sandwich.  Cute bread.


Kalamazoo is not a big city but so many audience came to our show.  It was great and I was so happy.


There was a swimming pool at the hotel.  I had sore throat and a little fever in these 8 days.  Swimming?  No way!